Who is The Environmental Solutions Group?

The Environmental Solutions Group is essentially a business outsourcing solution that helps remove one more task off you or your business manager’s “to do” list. We remove the management of waste & recycling from your staff, and place it in the hands of our company experts. 

The Environmental Solutions Group operates at an economy of scale which allows us to deliver procurement and operational efficiencies, and subject matter expertise that would not be practically obtainable by many companies. For this reason the majority of the Fortune 500 companies outsource the management of their waste and recycling.

EXPERIENCE: Our staff members have many years of waste and recycling industry experience. We have: 

  • Developed and managed environmental programs for some of the most recognized and environmentally conscious companies in the world.
  • Developed programs that have saved clients millions of $’s annually
  • Brokered commodities for clients
  • Trained hundreds of employees on the advantages of being more environmental conscious.
  • Established effective and complex recycling programs for all types of industries including health care, property management, retail, manufacturing, and non-profits.
KNOWLEGE: Because of our staff’s knowledge, we know what the disposal costs should be for any particular area, what the operating costs and profit margins are for waste haulers, and exactly what services and equipment you will need to operate efficiently and cost effectively.We are hired by our clients to: 

  • Reduce their solid waste expense and increase recycling revenues
  • Provide cost containment services to maintain the savings benefit
  • Ensure your company is in compliance with environmental and regulatory rules and regulations
  • Let us be the management of this program, so that your staff can focus on their core business while we focus on their internal environmental program.
IMPARTIALITY: Our operating model precludes us from owning any landfills. Our model therefore focuses on maximizing your recycling efforts since we do not increase our revenues as a result of throwing things away.
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