If I have a contract with my waste hauler, can you still help me?

Waste haulers commonly use contracts to control their customers. We will immediately audit your agreement, terminate its renewal clause, and look for opportunities to optimize the services. The Environmental Solutions Group’s management team has a track record of success in dealing with these Agreements.Will you help us qualify for LEED certification points?
The Environmental Solutions Group can help you with this. Our waste management reporting is an integral part of our data collection so that we fully understand every opportunity at each of your locations.How much will you be able to reduce our expense?
Our clients’ average net savings ranges between 10% to 50%

Our company has locations across North America, what areas do you service?
The Environmental Solutions Group’s service footprint covers the entire U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Why should we use The Environmental Solutions Group versus managing our trash and recycling costs internally?
Most companies are outsourcing many functions that are not related to their core business. This is just another area that allows you and your staff to focus on these areas that are integral to growing your core business.

Will you be able to help us if some of our locations are in exclusive franchised areas?
Customers in many franchised markets often feel powerless since the city is getting revenue from the hauler and the hauler has no fear of losing their contract for poor service. We audit your municipal ordinances, rate schedules, and service configurations to look for opportunity to reduce your costs. We will increase our efforts on getting you to recycle more and reduce the amount of material encumbered through franchise agreements.

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