Nationwide Customer Service Call Center

Whenever a site needs extra service or has a solid waste or recycling issue, they contact our call center for assistance. Our representatives frequently suggest more cost effective options to the caller. When you call a waste hauler, they usually try to steer you towards the highest priced service. For all billable services, we dispatch those service requests via a purchase order control system. We later use the purchase orders to audit all incoming invoices. In the event that you have an emergency request, we have a 24/7 emergency services email address that alerts our on call after hours staff to respond to your needs.


Centralized Auditing, Billing, & Management Reporting

We receive all of the waste and recycling service invoices for each location. Our auditing department uses proprietary image recognition software to upload the invoice data into our system, so that we automatically match up the billing to your contracted service rates and our call center issued purchase order numbers. Once audited, the invoices are consolidated onto one centralized report either by location or for the company as a whole. Our reporting includes detailed cost savings and environmental impact/sustainability results.


Dedicated Environmental Consultant

The Environmental Solutions Group assigns each client a dedicated Environmental Consultant to oversee the program services for your portfolio of locations.

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