Meet the Team – Marketing Intern, Taylor Roop

Welcome to ESG’s first post of the Meet the Team blog series! We’re going to introduce each employee one by one so our customers and potential clients can get a feel for who is behind all the hard work we put in! The first one up is our marketing intern, Taylor Roop.


Hello to all ESG clients and anyone else who happens to stumble across this! I’d like to take a bit of your time to introduce myself! My name is Taylor Roop and I’m one of the marketing interns here at ESG. I’ve been working at ESG since around September of 2014. I’m currently a senior at Illinois State University pursueing my Bachelor’s in Marketing. Right now, I’m actually in the process of closing out my last semester! I have less than two weeks left as I type this blog post.

Like previously mentioned, I came to ESG in september of last year. I was looking for marketing internships through an internship posting website. Frank, the owner, contacted me and we had a nice phone interview to see if I would align well with ESG. Frank seemed to think I did so he offered to let me come on board! I was really interested in working for ESG in particular because the previous semester I had taken a sustainability marketing class so it seemed like a good fit for me.

What do I do here? Well, a lot of it for me is a learning experience. I do quite a few different things regularly. I keep our social media pages(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) up to date and try to provide some interesting content for our audience to check out. I also manage any paid search advertising that we do. On the back end of things, I’ve been working on making the site more search engine friendly. As of recent, I’ve been trying to improve our on-page optimization. We just moved our website over to WordPress a couple weeks ago which has enabled us to do a lot more than we previously could.

On the personal side of things, I’m a chipotle addict! I spend a lot more of my money there than I should…but it’s totally worth it. I’m also a huge PC gamer and music lover. I’ll pretty much always be on the computer between work, class, gaming and mixing music. When I’m not at ESG, I spend some time interning at an internet marketing agency as well. Having both the in-house and agency marketing experience has really helped me grow and gain a variety of skills that I’ll be able to use upon graduation.

I don’t want to make this post super long and eventually bore you, so I’ll end it here! I think I’ve given a fair amount of detail about myself. Hopefully this post paints a decent picture of who I am. Thanks for checking out our first Meet the Team post! We’ll have more up in the coming weeks.