Our first step is to have one of our environmental consultants meet with you to understand your environmental goals. We will then review your current environmental business processes and vendor relationships to understand where we can add value or suggest process change to meet your environmental goals. After this process is complete we will sit down with you and present a plan that will lower your costs and meet the environmental goals that you have outlined. Once we agree on a program we will take over the complete management of your waste and recycling program. One call to us takes care of any issue or business change you have in this area. We will meet with status reports to review reports that summarize our value added activities to your organization.

Processes that we use to add value to your company are:

Service & Equipment Rightsizing
Waste companies have a huge incentive to service your locations as frequently as possible, regardless as to whether you need the service or not. The Environmental Solutions Group ensures that you are paying for the service that you need, and not the service that the waste companies wants you to think you need. The Environmental Solutions Group is not restricted by affiliations with haulers, processing centers, or equipment providers, and is therefore able to select the best fitting combination of service, equipment, and disposal options based on your actual needs. The comprehensive audit that is completed during the discovery process together with the business volume metrics of each location allow us to optimize the service and equipment configurations to eliminate unnecessary services and to allow us to capture any benefit available due to increased efficiency.
Vendor & Pricing Optimization
All services that you need to run a successful environmental program will be bid out to all the reliable vendors in your marketplace. Our years of experience in this business allow us to select the right vendor for you at the right price.
Recycling & Waste Diversion
Let us remove the burden of finding a waste hauler or recycler. Have you ever wondered if you were getting a fair value for your cardboard, paper, plastic, or other recycled materials? Do you know the exact weight of the materials you are selling or do you rely on your recycler to send you this data? Do you know how to divert this material without increasing your labor costs? The Environmental Solutions Group becomes your expert to ensure that you are receiving top dollar for your recycling materials and to help you divert as much material from your waste stream as possible. We complete a waste stream characterization report by dissecting your waste to find what materials can be efficiently and effectively diverted into recycling, food residual composting and pig feed programs, or beneficial re-use programs such as closed loop “return to vendor” programs. The founder of The Environmental Solutions Group served as Vice President for the largest private recycler in North America and as a result, there are no mysteries in the recycling arena that The Environmental Solutions Group cannot solve.
Waste Minimization
Even smarter than recovering valuable materials from your waste stream with effective recycling programs is finding opportunities to eliminate your waste at the source. That is essentially what we mean by the term “Waste Minimization”. The Environmental Solutions Group will look for opportunities to partner with your procurement department to alter packaging waste or inbound material types.
Risk Management
The Environmental Solutions Group ensures that every waste removal company working for our clients certifies to us in writing which landfills, transfer stations, and incinerators they are using for the disposal of your waste. We audit the Waste Flow Certifications to ensure that the facilities are fully permitted by the EPA. We also check all federal, state, county, and municipal solid waste removal and recycling regulations and ordinances to ensure that your locations are in compliance with all mandates. In order for a hauler to participate in our program, they must meet certain qualifications such as being able to provide us with copies of their licenses and permits authorizing them to conduct business in their areas of operation. We audit the insurance documents of each waste and recycling vendor hired to ensure that the appropriate types and levels of coverage are maintained and that the Environmental Solutions Group and our Clients are named as additional insured. These certificates are kept on file for our clients. The management of this information greatly reduces our client’s risk associated with the liability of mismanaged waste.
Hauler Contract Compliance
Our systems automatically track all vendor contract costs and terms and match all incoming invoices to those terms to ensure that each vendor is in compliance with our agreement. One of the biggest causes of customer frustration in the trash industry is how some vendors use bait and switch tactics to win a bid effort, but as soon as the customer’s attention is turned to the next project , the vendor begins to incrementally raise the rates due to “Uncontrollable” costs. One of our goals is to help you become unencumbered by restrictive waste hauler agreements as the term expirations occur.
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