ESG success story, check out what we can do for you!

Environmental Solutions Group’s employees are fanatical about helping organizations recycle more ! We help you help the environment and save money. Here is a success story of a recently client we took on:

We recently took on a client that is a contractor and supplier of electric related items. The client has 15 locations and operates in multiple states. The client knew they could recycle more and save some money but were not sure how to execute. We executed the following strategy to realize the clients’ goals:

1) First we performed on site analysis of their waste streams and realized that in most markets over 50 % of their waste material were recyclable material.

2) Researched all local markets and found recyclers that offered the best match for our clients’ recyclable materials.

3) Negotiated rates with recyclers initiated or increased recycling services and reduced waste services at most locations.

4) Had recyclers deliver recycling containers and trained local site staff on which materials discarded should be put in recycling containers.

5) Offered 7 day/24 hour support to all locations on recycling questions.

6) Monitored and tracked on a monthly basis by location the recycling rates.

In one year our management process included an increase in overall recycling for the client from 18 % to 64 % of discarded material and reduced overall costs by 10 %.

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